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Food Tour in San Sebastian

 Food Tour in San Sebastian

San Sebastian…a town of costal food, shopping, hiking, meandering, and so much more. Personally, the food alone was enough of an attraction to make a day trip worth while. Our clients add a similar experience while joining us in Pamplona during San Fermin.

Food Tour in San Sebastian

Some of the Bucket List Events Staff at the Bay la Concha

As San Sebastian overlooks the La Concha Bay, we experienced all climates that the city had to offer. Our morning started off 65 and breezy, followed by perfect beach weather with the sun fully shining and our evening finished off with a rain storm. This weather did not stop any of our eating, drinking, and enjoying the local amenities along the way!
The day was spent meandering between the city’s cafes, bars, and must see sights while tasting the best food and drink pairings it has to offer. San Sebastian is known for the mouth-watering pinxtos that are said to be the best in the in all of Basque country. A Pinxto is a Basque take on the Spanish word ‘Pincho’, coming from the verb ‘penchar’ meaning “to pierce.” This is a traditional Spanish appetizer (usually a medley of items attached to a piece of bread) that are pierced with a cocktail stick and eaten before lunch. San Sebastian is the ideal spot to get your fill of incredible eats and drinks while taking in the bustling coastal city surroundings.
We made 5 stops throughout the day at multiple cafes and bars. The first cafe was a tiny shop where cold pinxtos overflowed from the bar and further hot pinxtos were offered on the menu. We chose 3 of the most infamous options and were ready for more but as we were told, that is not how the locals “do.” So instead, we followed tradition and moved further along. As you can image, the hardest part was pulling yourself away from one cafe to move along to the next! That being said, we managed to travel to 4 other stops satisfying our need for any and all appetizers.
Food Tour in San Sebastian

Some of the staff favorites were at our first stop. This pintxo was a local mix of goat cheese and ham topped with sun dried tomatoes and walnuts and a balsamic vinaigrette drizzle. As you can see by the photo above, they did not last long before one more pinxto was requested! Another must try included the croquettes, the foie gras, and Brick de bacalao at Hazia Bar. It was fully agreed upon these apps must be tried before leaving the city.

In our opinion, if the option to visit San Sebastian is given do not turn it down!

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