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Music at the Running of the Bulls

It’s been a while since the organizers of the San Fermin festivals made the emotional announcement that there would not be a 2020 edition.

In honor of our fallen festivals, we wanted to share some of the songs that help create the ambiance surrounding the respective celebrations.

The San Fermin Festival – Pamplona Spain

We’re confident in proclaiming that anytime during the 192 hours of the San Fermin Festival, there is a group singing or a marching band playing in the streets. Odds are, you probably won’t recognize the majority of the traditional Spanish songs, the artists take a lot of pride in their music and sound great. When you think about it, there aren’t many American drinking songs that everyone knows. That doesn’t apply to Spain, where generations all know the same melodies, and you hear them coming from every corner. Throw in that the bands play all day, every day in the streets throughout the city streets – it’s like you have a soundtrack provided for you as you amble around.

Here are our favorite songs to hear in Pamplona:

Clavado En Un Bar – Mana

Mana hails from Mexico and remains one of the top selling rock bands from our neighbors to the South.

Here is local band playing this tune on Javier Street in Summer 2016

Sofia by Alvaro Soler

This song came out in 2015 and has been a mainstay ever since.


As you can see, the Bucket List Events female staff took kindly to the song in the Summer of 2018

No Controles – Ole Ole

Everything about this song screams 1980s, but the beat and hook are timeless.

 Pan y Mantequilla by Efecto Pasillo

This band is originally from the Canary Islands, and this song was played non-stop the Summer of 2014. This translates to “Bread and Butter.”

The next Summer, they played live in Pamplona on July 5th in the Plaza del Castillo.

Como Te Atreves by Morat

The South America version of Mumford & Sons released this smash hit in 2016, and you couldn’t walk 100 feet without hearing it somewhere in the city.

Ai Se Eu Te Pego by Michel Telo

We do not have the actually data to prove this, but we are convinced that every band in Pamplona has a version of this song in their rolodex.


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